Popular Menu Items at Guy Fieri’s Provincetown, MA Restaurant


Prop 8 Chick’n Poppers

It Gets Betta Bruschetta

Rimmin’ Rings

No H8 Nachos Grande

Just Two Soldiers In A Foxhole Spring Rolls



LGB Long Island Iced T

Down With DOMA Daquiri

Boozy Harvey Milkshake



Power-Bottom Porkchops

Baby Bareback Ribs

Sizzlin’ Civil Union Fajitas

Peeny Alfredo

The PozBurger with Free Clinic Fries

Enema Enchiladas with Your Choice of Salsa

#LoveWins Lettuce Wraps

Bustin’ BJ-LT



Zachary Quinto Brownie Blast

Angel from Rent’s Angel Food Cake

A Banana Shoved Through a Donut