Mom Makes This the Summer to Remember With Beach-Themed Soap

This piece was originally published on Robot Butt.

Summer is finally here, and Americans everywhere are diving into their favorite seasonal rituals. New Jersey mom Teresa Doyle, 49, is among those who are thrilled for long days and warm weather, and she in particular knows how to give this summer a truly righteous legacy. Her epic summertime kick off? Integrating beach-themed soap in her house bathrooms. Killer!

Walk, skate or surf into any of Doyle’s two-and-a-half bathrooms in her Cherry Hill home between June and September and you will see a 12-ounce pump bottle of Dove hand soap in Ocean Mist or Tahitian Coconut boldly banging the summer gong. The wild new scents replace the mundane Lilac that was once standard no matter the time or year. According to Doyle, a thorough palm lather with beach-themed soap after using the restroom will turn anyone’s summer knob to eleven. Rad!

“I’m a summer woman through and through. I was born in the summer, so I think there’s an astrological connection there for me,” Doyle, a dangerous Gemini/Cancer cusp noted. “Using this pastel blue soap with the assorted shells on the label does more than just amp me up. It’s transcendental. It’s escapism.”

Relentlessly, Doyle even goes so far as to supply beach-themed shampoos and conditioners in both of her suburban tudor’s showers to align her family and houseguests with summer’s breezy attitude. Doyle’s homestead is stocked with Island Kiwi shampoo for all bathers to enjoy throughout the season. The pricier Aegean Trove conditioner, however, is reserved for her exclusive turn-upping.

There are many varieties, but trust that Doyle knows which beach-themed soaps are hot and which beach-themed soaps are not.

“Crystal Cove, Yucatan Sandbar, Boardwalk Gull…I have my grounds covered to impress any guest,” she says. “Personally, the subtle scent of brackish on my scalp is all I need to get unchained.”

Doyle sees supplying the bathrooms with beachy toiletries not only as an unforgettable roar of seasonal spirit, but also as a new tradition in the making.

“I can’t imagine ever going back. It just wouldn’t feel like summer for my family without the soaps,” Doyle elaborated. “Just as it wouldn’t feel like Christmas without my red and green M&Ms in the foyer.” Gnarly!